RoR plugin elk stack manager

Well, since we are slowly going to Elk stack management :slight_smile: , why not going to think about having overall of our needed operations , centralised :slight_smile:

Of course, it should be a mega feature pack, and listing all ideas here , by products should be a good way.

I am pretty sute that everybody here uses some other plugins (like kopf, cerebro, knapsack, head, hq, …) and using manual command to complete required activities, am i wrong? :slight_smile:

By example, managing backup repository, making snapshot, viewing current valid snapshot, restoring, migrating, reporting some result from cat api, exporting some indices, rebuilding indices, checking current memory allocation , cluster status, migration progress, etc etc… And etc!

I think about creating some specific section in the forum, by product, to let everyone to write that i see what could be β€œinterfaced” in a management interface.

Then after decision, a statement and status can be published in thread.

I will create an example next week, to formalize the idea.

What do you think all ?


As much as this would give greater perceived value to ReadonlyREST, it would spread us really thin in term of development speed. For now I’d like to focus ROR on security and make sure the open source tools you mentioned are compatible with ROR.

last, but not least :slight_smile: