ROR Pro : hide_apps issues

I’m using the hide_apps option and I’d like to confirm some issues I’ve encountered
Elasticsearch/kibana version : 8.7.1
ROR pro version : 1.50.0

1- When using Regular Expression
Consider the following two examples:

 a- I want to leave Logs and APM in Observability, so I use: hide_apps: [ "/^Observability\\|(?!(Alerts|Logs)$).*$/"] => works well


 b- I want to leave Alerts and Logs in Observability: hide_apps: ["/^Observability\|(?!(Alerts|Logs)$).*$/"] => Alerts is not displayed in the Observability menu


2- Display with different user types

   a- With admin access: when I hide the APM functionality, I still find it when I click on Logs. And if I select Service (belong to APM), I don't have access (Application Not Found), so for me it works even if it appears anyway.

b- With rw access: same observation except that if I click on Service, the result is a white window.

Hi, thanks for your analysis!

I can confirm that case 1b looks like an issue. About 2a and 2b, it’s related to the Observability Sub-apps hiding. For now, there is no option to do it, that’s why sub-apps are visible, but there is no access but there is a task to improve it.

I think @rafikkcmed is a great candidate as best bug report of the year. :clap:

I’ve just started working with ror plugin