[ROR v1.31.0+] Accessing basic kibana management as a user with hidden "Management" kibana app

Users with a hidden “Management|Stack Management” ( kibana_hide_apps: [ "Management" ] )
)app still need to access to CSV reports, index patterns and saved objects in order for their Kibana experience to be complete.

The new ReadonlyREST plugin (version 1.31.0 and greater) augments the Kibana UX for users with the aforementioned limitation introducing a “Kibana management” menu.


Once inside the kibana management menu

And once the user clicks in one of those links, all other management sub menu items will be hidden as well.


Server side navigation prevention is enforced, so adding to favourite sensitive kibana management pages won’t work. The user will be in fact redirected to Kibana main page “/app/home”.