Settings problems

When we try to GET command, for example GET _cluster/settings cluster answer don’t show anything, and when we PUT some settings cluster don’t apply it. We use enterprise version of kibana plugin! Last version does not fix this problem!

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could you please show us your ROR settings and maybe ES logs?

we login with admin, other operations work correctly, in ES logs nothing interesting.

when you disable ROR everything works as you expect?

without ROR all work fine

ok, will try to reproduce it

I was able to reproduce it. It’s already fixed.
At the moment I’m working on improving Cluster API handling by ROR, so this one is kinda related. Here is a PR:

I’ll send you a pre build as soon as it’s merged.


@skks I have a pre build for you to test. What version of ES do you use?

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We have
7.7.1 enteprise

@skks please test this one:

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