Shared links & login page


We’ve recently introduced ROR for our existing ES/Kibana system. Our users tend to share links with each other, along the lines of


Since ROR, if a user clicks on a link like this - typically in an email - they’ll be redirected to the login page, as expected. After login, they are then taken to the main Kibana landing page. We’d like for them to instead be directed back to the link location they originally tried to visit. Is this possibile in the current ROR version, and if not, is it something that could be added as a new feature?



Hi @aidofitz,

It could work if the receiving user shares the same tenancy of the sender. Imagine I send you the link to a Kibana object present in my personal tenancy, then I send it to you, and you have another Kibana tenancy, where that object ID does not exist. Is this the case at hand?

A way of passing around (and embedding in iframe) known to work in ROR is JWT deep linking, where the correct credentials (typically read-only) are passed as part of the URL.

Hi @sscarduzio,

Thanks for the quick response. My question was not fully clear so I’ll clarify a little further.

The links do work for the receiving user; the issue is only that they are not automatically brought to the link location after login. So the typically use sequence is:

  1. clicks link for dashboard in email
  2. brought to Kibana in broswer, but redirected by ROR to login page (as not already logged in)
  3. logs in successful, brought to Kibana home page
  4. returns to email, copies link and pastes into browser
  5. gets to intended page

So, we think ROR should capture and save the requested URL at #2, and return the user to the URL after login.

Appreciate this is a minor thing, but it’s something that can irritate our users!




OK so even with the same set of credentials between the sender and receiver this is an issue? Will test this.


If you mean they are both in same tenancy, then yes, thank you!

@sscarduzio just wondering if you got a chance to check on this? Thanks

We have a new engineer on it, sorry it’s taking a bit more than expected.

no problem, just checking in :slight_smile:

this is fixed as of 1.18.2 released today

Hi @sscarduzio, thanks for release a fix for this. We only recently got a chance to upgrade our Production cluster, and unfortunately found that this fix is not working. We had upgraded to 1.18.4 directly.

We went back to 1.18.2 and found that in that version, the fix does work. So looks like something might have got broken between the versions? Note that even in 1.18.4 we can see some changes are in place for the fix - the login page does still contain “/login?next=/goto/a374774911408fd788d535df506209b0” or similar in URL, but it doesn’t follow this in that version. Appreciate if you can take a look!