Strange issue with option kibana_hide_apps:

(Ld57) #1

Hi @sscarduzio,

I meet a strange issue with the option kibana_hide_apps :

in fact, I hide a kibana application, and everything was working fine (APM), but few days later I removed the application from kibana, but I forgot to fix the rule.

I got a behavior with being able to login to kibana, but had a blank page, with no error in logs ( kibana or ror)
I had just the menu on left.

it is possible to reproduce on a n instance on your side ( if you do not have APM enabled in kibana)
just add
kibana_hide_apps: [“apm”, “kibana:management”] to test.

if you have APM application enabled in kibana, everything work fine, but if not, you will get a blank page.


(Simone Scarduzio) #2

no errors in chrome console either?

(Ld57) #3

good point.

I will check tomorrow