[SUPPORT|kbn_ent] Installing the Elasticsearch plugin in Elastic Cloud

Support request

ROR Version: 1.45

Kibana Version: 8.5.2

Elasticsearch Version: 8.5.2

** Feature Request **

Elastic Cloud supports plugins for elasticsearch only. But they do not support additional configuration files (e.g. readonlyrest.yml). Similar to how kibana supports inline configuration, can elasticsearch support inline configuration for RoR within the elasticsearch.yml?

{“customer_id”: “5ca76971-3031-4bfc-9f63-0a613bc10e46”, “subscription_id”: “50191917-634e-410a-b1e8-bc7063a5f5ff”}

Interesting, in the early times, ROR only read its config from elasticsearch.yml.
@coutoPL do we still support reading from the main config file nowadays? I.e. as a fallback?

No, it was years ago. We don’t maintain the legacy mechanism for at least 4 years.
But we could overcome the problem with little effort, but … ROR for 8.x needs ES patching. For sure it cannot be done with ES instance on Elastic Cloud.

:sob: true! Didn’t think about it. Any chance maybe to invoke the patching task from within the plugin runtime? The node would need a restart after that, but only once :thinking:

IMO - no chance. For them (Elastic) it’d be a security hole if they would allow doing such things.

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