Too many redirects

Hi, I am starting to experiment with new kibana plugin - version 1.29.0 - 7.10.2, but I am not able to set it up through reverse proxy. Direct connection to kibana works. Seems like basepath is not applied for some reason.

server.basePath: /MYPATH
server.rewriteBasePath: false

https://kibana.domain/MYPATH/logout?nextUrl=/logout?nextUrl=/logout?nextUrl=/logout?nextUrl=/logout?nextUrl=/logout?nextUrl=/…too many redirects

expected result:

Hi Peter, the basepath in ROR Kibana new platform has not been tested yet. Is this the only way you can implement your experiment? It requires some work to support it and it might take some time. We are in that period in which a new piece of software has just been given to the large public, so the team is already busy fixing bugs here and there all the time.

Ok so I’ll wait once it is functional.

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Reminder pls still not functional in 1.34 version, thank you.

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Thanks @peter.babik for pinging, this is actually under development at the moment