Unable to download ES ROR plugin


I am unable to download the ES read-only-rest plugin from Download. It has been attempted multiple times on different browsers but with no luck. Any pointers would be appreciated.

PS - Not sure if this is the right forum to highlight this issue, but could not find any other way of communicating this to the maintainers/owners.

Thank you

Hello @shweta_c, what email address were you trying with? Is it the gmail address I see you are using in the forum? I don’t see it in the website logs.

Do you visually se any error? And in the javascript console?

What about the spam folder?

Hi Simone,

Yes, it is the gmail address used in the forum.

I didn’t see any n/w calls on that download form submission, which might be the reason behind you not seeing the email address in the website logs.

I used the following three browsers on a MacBook - Google Chrome, Safari, and Brave.

Attaching a screenshot although it is not a video and hence might not be very useful.

Something is definitely wrong: you are not even pulling some of the fonts in your browser. Are you using some adblock or some safe browsing setting?

By the way, I sent you an alternative way to download using the website chat. Can you see it?

Yes, I do use adblock but not on all browsers. Just disabled it and tried again, but no luck.

Just checked the chat messages and I have received the alternative way to download, will try that. Thank you for the prompt responses.

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I’m possibly facing the same issue. When attempting to download nothing happens. In console I see the following error. The same occurs in different browsers.

The resource from “https://readonlyrest.com/wp-content/uploads/bugsnag.min_.js” was blocked due to MIME type (“text/html”) mismatch (X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff).
ReferenceError: Bugsnag is not defined

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Attempting to download Elasticsearch plugin 7.17.7 version

Guys, as a workaround you can use the API to download the plugins:

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The form was fixed. Please try!

The website got updated and this was cached on my browser. So I could not reproduce the issue.

Thank you @lautmaus :pray:

Guys, remember we have an alternative download form in the customer portal (even if you are not a customer, you can still login!)

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