Update readonlyREST configuration with command line

(Tarak) #1

Currently, We login to kibana and edit the config under readonlyREST tab. This configuration will be automatically updated in whole cluster.

Can the same feature be performed by command line. Like, place the readonlyREST.yml in any node of the cluster and run a command and the config should be updated in whole cluster.

Update ACL's via automation?
(Ld57) #2

Hi Tarak,

I understand your needs, but unfortunately, it would require external script/program, taking account of multiple platform, access rights etc…

For now ,that I did originally, I wrote my own script to gather readonlyrest configuration, and to modifiy readonlyrest.yml file on all my cluster.

But in reality, you would need the RoR file config if you would have to restart all nodes at the same time, or else in case of Disaster recovery.

that I recommend, is to use curator to backup .readonlyrest index, and modify your DR procedure to adapt.



(Askids) #3

@ld57 can that be made available as a REST end point to which we can send a payload? Need not be a straight forward upload of readonlyREST.yml. Since ROR Kibana plugin already provide this option from Kibana UI, I would think that this approach may be relatively easier to implement it rather building it as a script/external program.

Once its available as REST end point, some of the cross platform issues that you have mentioned could be potentially eliminated. Since this is a feature that is available only with ROR pro and above, you can also apply same kind of checks/ACLs that you impose on the ROR pro plugin.

Finally, we can simply use CURL to apply the changes. I know that its easier said than done :smiley:

(Tarak) #4

@askids Thanks for your thoughts. i believe REST end point is the best approach. This would fulfill my requirements.

(Ld57) #5

It is up to @sscarduzio if he want to go to this way, but it would mean to maintain 2 version of RoR plugin ( one free and one with licensed feature) , or to integrate a licensing enabling features system in RoR plugin. (imo)