Upgrading from 7.8.x to 7.12.1

My company is a ReadonlyREST Enterprise subscriber.

From what I saw in the documentation there have been some major changes in ROR from v7.8 onwards.
I want to ask for the procedure on how to upgrade from v7.8 to v7.12 for Elasticsearch & Kibana.

We have 1 production cluster running v7.8 on CentOS 7. I want to upgrade it to v7.12, but I am afraid of encountering some unexpected error during the upgrade. We are using the Kibana App for the ROR configuration.

What is the recommended approach for upgrading ?

Hello @i_zeratul, yes we rewrote ROR entirely for Kibana >= 7.9.0. You can count on us assisting you with high priority during the upgrade process.

The main difference for the end user is the necessity to patch Kibana. This procedure is reversible, and is described in the documentation.

Please make sure:

  • Elasticsearch plugin is installed correctly
  • Kibana is successfully patched
  • The Elasticsearch and Kibana plugin have the same ROR version (i.e. 1.34.0)

Please note, we just released ROR 1.34.0 today, it contains a good deal of fixes and revamped ROR Kibana App, with new editor and ROR panel.