Usage of permanent links to download kbn_free

I’ve downloaded RoR free for kibana 10.0.2 (Edit : 7.10.2) with the mail I got from the download page.

I noticed there was the notion of a permanent link in order to automate some things for updates etc. I can’t seem to make the url for the kibana download work, (permanent link is expired for some reason).

So I’ve tried to modify the elasticsearch one*&edition=es&token=
By modifying es? by kbn? and edition at kbn_free. This doesn’t work either, am I missing something ?

Elasticsearch’s ror is working fine though

Sorry what kibana version are you trying to download?

7.10.2, sorry for the typo :confused:

To be more complete, I’m trying as follow

wget${KB_VERSION}\&edition=kbn_free\&email=${EMAIL}\&token=${TOKEN} -O /tmp/
without success

Can you please try again now, I fixed a bug

Just tried, it’s working, thanks for the quick fix :slight_smile:

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