Use in blacklist mode of fields with ~*excluded_fields_prefix_*

I have the new version of elasticsearch 7.17 and the ReadonlyREST 1.43.0_es7.17.2 enterprise , here I can’t make exclusion on fields like:
~phone , but in the past, in a previous version 7.12 with enterprise ROR version 1.39 I could made and also worked with this pattern.
I want to know if is possible to use this syntax ~phone because the new syntax ~phone* (For Elasticsearch - ReadonlyREST - Blacklist mode - “fields: [”~excluded_fields_prefix_*“, “~excluded_field”,]”) works but I have many fields with a lot of prefix like (,
and I want to exclude all the fields which contain “phone”.

Thank you !

when we have sth like this:

fields: [~excluded_field, ~excluded_field_prefix*]

We tell ROR that we want to exclude a field with the name excluded_field or any field whose name starts with excluded_field_prefix from the root level of the document.

If we want to exclude nested field we do it like this:

fields: [~nested.excluded_field, ~nested.excluded_field_prefix*]

So you have to strictly define how the excluded_field is nested in the current version of ROR.
But I think we could be able to add some “recursive” operator. Eg.

fields: [~..excluded_field, ~..excluded_field_prefix*]

it could mean: exclude any field in the document whose name is excluded_field or any field in the document whose name starts with excluded_field_prefix.


You mentioned that in ROR 1.39 you were able to do sth. I don’t think I fully understand what was supported but is not currently. Could you please elaborate?

@AlexG kindly reminder