User with "rw" privilege cannot save objects

When a test user saves a visualization, a dashboard, I get an error
When I issue the rights “unrestricted” the error disappears.

we use readonlyrest_kbn_enterprise-1.35.0

ror config example:
- name: “test_user”
auth_key: test:test
kibana_access: rw

Hi @driveirk, thanks for reporting. What Kibana version is this? Also, please have a look at the elasticsearch logs, there should be a “FORBIDDEN” log line somewhere at the same time you try to save the dashbord/visualization. Can you show that to us?

Thanks for the idea.
Adding a string to ROR solved the problem:
kibana_index: “.kibana-my-name” #very important to have if you have non-standard kibana index name.