Using of nested groups in ldap

Hi all,
When I have an Active Directory group defined in the ACL and in this group I add several other groups, because I don’t want to add 300 people (which are already in this groups) manually, the matching does not work.
How can I fix this? :slight_smile:

groups: [“group1”]
and group1 consists of


user 1 and 2 have access, the group has not.

@MarcusCaepio not sure it will help but have you seen this?

Hi Simone,
again thanks a lot! That’s exactly what we need.
Just installed 1.16.13, was on 1.16.11 installed and testing it right now.

Edit: What I can see so far, it works! Awesome!!! :slight_smile:

Where can I find a total “What’s new” overview of all releases? I just can find one for the latest version.

Very happy this is a solution for you! And once again, I thank mr. Chris Roemmich for his excellent work.

Unfortunately, as of today, the most accurate change log is the commit stream, I try to put together a friendlier changelog summary, but it might be not the highest thing in the priority list. Apologies for that.

I will keep in mind that this is something I have to work on, on the workflow level. Whenever something change, I need to update some wiki or something.