VOTE: best way to announce new versions?

:bulb:How should we notify when ROR versions?

When we release a new ROR version, we should announce it publicly.

  • Announcement via email list
  • Changelog in download page
  • Announcement thread on forum

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Initially we used to send emails, then we moved to the forum, then to the blog, then we settled to publishing a changelog in Download (UNIVERSAL) - ReadonlyREST.

You should probably consider starting to maintain changelog in documentation page and provide link to it from all 3 above sources. The download page/email could probably just embed that section from documentation page.

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Sounds a nice plan to me! In the download page we could very simply fetch the changelog info from a documentation page!

Maintaining a changelog, definitely - but I’m looking at this and thinking “why not all of them?”

A forum post that is closed to anyone but you guys so folks can follow it for new updates.

An email list that folks can subscribe to if they wish…

this way folks can decide which notification works best for them… and each of the notifications has a link to the changelog for that release.

A changelog is for sure necessary.
Users can’t keep track of all running forum posts.
Having an idea of new functionality without needing to scan through all documentation is ideal.
Also having a change log gives people with DTAP environments for Elasticsearch an idea of stuff that requires additional focus in acceptance testing.
Not all versions are always deployed so you need to be able to read back previous changes.

For us a email notification would be great, I marked the checkbox on downloading 10 times now. But never received a notification, I just scan the download page every now and then.

A forum post could be useful for some people as well. There are few things to keep in mind:
People should not post questions, complaints or issues on this post.
Potentially the forum post drops of the main page quite quickly.

A potential 4th additional option would be to have a json (or something like that) file available so that we people can include a verification in automated setups if they are running the latest version or not.
I would not necessarily include this in Kibana on Elasticsearch itself as there are off course environments without internet access.

Primarily I would say:
Email notification + a clear change log is good enough

OK here is what has changed:

  1. There will be an email to the mailing list with the changelog.

  2. The changelog has been moved to the documentation project readonlyrest-docs/ at master · beshu-tech/readonlyrest-docs · GitHub

  3. It’s being pulled in the download page via an iframe

  4. There is a changelog feed people can follow:

Tell me if it works well, I can fix it otherwise.

I was thinking we could add a changelog button in the product itself, so from Kibana you could see changelogs and be notified if new versions are out. But I still have to understand the best way to do it. Will Create a discussion/poll post for that as well after our new release is out, including the integrated logout/tenancy hop button.

Yes, seems to work just fine, thanks!

Looks good to me, but with one small issue (may be just for me :slight_smile: ). Previously, for many features/fixes, changelog used to link out to either issue/forum post that would give background on the feature or related discussion. Current changelog seems to be missing that part. It was a useful reference to have, since we wont have access to the actual issue/ticket on your ALM tool providing the details of the change.

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Yeah amazing point, we should make sure we do this again when possible.
Hey @coutoPL let’s start from next release?

ok, can be done … :slight_smile:

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I would add another thing to the changelog: release dates! So people sees our release frequency. Just today I was evaluating a product that could be useful, and discovered myself checking if they release fast enough :slight_smile:

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How do we confirm we’re on the email list? I don’t believe I’ve ever gotten any emails but I’m pretty sure I’ve clicked on the “yes please” option several times.

Then you are added to the list. The issue was that we weren’t sending emails, not that you’re not subscribed haha

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Notification sent to the mailing list. Check your inbox :slight_smile:

Strange, I haven’t gotten any email. Is there any other way to join the mailing list beyond clicking the “Notify me about new versions and security fixes .” check box?

I’ve got some pretty agressive email filters - not a spam thing, we treat email as a dumpster for any type of output, so it’s kinda necessary to not get lost in the mess, but I searched for anything “readonlyrest” and only see updates from this forum and previous downloads and such.

I think this is you. We send emails through Mailchimp.

LOL, yes, that’s definitely me. Strange. Might have to download with an alternate email address so I can be on the list there as well. For a big company that was there are the start of the internet, you’d be surprised at how badly we do email.

After checking the junk folder, yes the notification for 1.19.5 was there.

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