When hiding "Stack Management" a redirect appears with Report

When adding
kibana_hide_apps: [“Stack Management”]
I’m getting a redirect when I go to the Reporting pages.

Even if I go to “Manage kibana”=>“Reporting” I can go to the page, but when the page is refreshed, the redirect will work.
Also, I can’t access Reporting via a direct link.
Also I can’t navigate to reports when creating a report. There is a redirect.

Is there any way to limit a number of users access to reports?

I suspect the problem is:
[Error] Fetch API cannot load https://[[host]]/internal/global_search/find due to access control checks.
(anonymous function) (core.entry.js:6:27310)
(anonymous function) (core.entry.js:6:25033)
(anonymous function)
[Error] Unrecognized Content-Security-Policy directive ‘worker-src’.

OK let me recap, the issue is:

  1. hide “Stack Management” kibana app from the ACL YAML.
  2. “Manage Kibana” button appears correctly in ROR menu.
  3. The user can follow “Manage Kibana > Reporting” and view reporting page correctly
  4. When the user refreshes, it’s unexpectedly redirected to Kibana home (as opposed to staying in Reporting page).

Please @driveirk can you confirm the above is your case?

If this is your case, it can our server side code that prevents direct navigation to hidden apps, is not aware the “reporting” page is allowed, and it believes you are just navigating into Stack Management (which is indeed forbidden).

Yes, @sscarduzio you summarized correctly.

Please tell me what kind of application it can be and how to find it?
We have not installed additional plugins in kibana.

Judging by the link I provided above, this is a global search that comes with kibana.

OK then I know what it is. I will take care of this as soon as I finish another task, probably already this week.

Looking forward to solving my problem.

This bug is resolved, the PR was approved, waiting now for CI.
I will send you a pre release Kibana plugin zip file in a direct message in the forum.

OK just sent you the build over the company email

Thank you, I received the letter.

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