Wildcard in host level setup


In my readonlyrest setup for elasticsearch, in one of the rules I use hosts setup to manage incomig data form various number of hosts. Those host had similar naming convetion (i.e host1, host2 host3) and had to list them all in a lis brackets.

Is it possible to use wildcard to manage hosts nmaes with similar naming convection withaout listening tham all in this setup? as an example:

- name: RuleName
  type: allow
  hosts: ['host*', 'node*', 'otherhost*']
  indices: ["my-index"]

Thanks for your help,

I think it should work, but it’s super insecure. What if I create “host123.my-homeip.net” and connect to there?

How about instead using a network in slash notation? i.e.