Edit security settings upgrade to 7.16.1 stopped working

The “Edit security settings” is passing a different URL extension I think.
NGINX is unable to process , we need to add the nginx.conf “rules” to process the URL.

May I know what has changed? The error I get is “Unable to connect with a sad face icon”.

Hi @praveenmak, I guess you are upgrading from Kibana < 7.9.0?

In this case, yes: the URL of the settings is different because we moved the ROR settings web app from the trash UX of the Kibana plugin framework.

In the past, when you clicked on security settings, you were routed to an entirely different Kibana app. The the whole page would reload, and the navigation context would be lost.

With ROR for Kibana >= 7.9.0 we implemented our own ROR settings web app and we serve it inside an overlaid modal window that you can dismiss anytime and go back to where you left in Kibana navigation.

You can see the “X” for dismissing the modal window in the top right.

The new modal window is powered by an iframe loaded from the path /pkp/web, or if you are using a server.basePath in kibana.yml, it will load from /<basePath>/pkp/web.

So you might want to add rules to your NGINX accordingly.

I hope this helps.