LDAP active directory anonymous authentication not working

I am trying to use LDAP authentication with AD. My plan is to use anonymous login and our LDAP supports anonymous login. When I am trying to log in, I see the following error.

" In order to perform this operation a successful bind must be completed on the connection"

My LDAP configuration is s follows.

        - name: ldap1
          host: "ldaps.test.com"
          port: 636
          ssl_enabled: true
          ssl_trust_all_certs: true
          search_user_base_DN: "ou=People,dc=example,dc=com"
          user_id_attribute: "sAMAccountName"
          unique_member_attribute: "member"
          group_search_filter: "(objectClass=group)"
          group_name_attribute: "cn"
          connection_pool_size: 10
          connection_timeout: 10s
          request_timeout: 10s
          cache_ttl: 60s

Much appreciated your help.

Hi @vthatiparthi

it looks like this thread is similar to: LDAP authentication fails with "successful bind must be completed"

You can try to enable debug logs to see more info in ES logs.

One of our clients has recently had a similar problem. It occurred that their LDAP was not configured to support anonymous bind (they claimed that it did). Debug logs shown this LDAP error