No RoR Settings Page 1.23.0 ES/KBN 7.8.1

elasticsearch: 7.8.1
kibana: 7.8.1
readonlyrest: 1.23.0 (enterprise)

Would be nice if Elastic would stop making large scale UI changes within a major release >.>. Cant seem to find a UI link to the readonlyrest configuration page within the kibana web UI. Manually entering the usual URI works just fine (/app/readonlyrest_kbn)

I have run through the suggested steps under No RoR Settings page 1.22.1 ELK 7.6.1 to no avail.

@mgaetano can you share the ACL snippet that identifies the user “admin”? Sounds like you’re missing kibana_access: admin, or kibana_access: unrestricted on it.

 - name: "::ADMIN::"
   auth_key_sha256: <sha256>

Yes, please try to add kibana_access: unrestricted

Worked as mentioned.

@sscarduzio This wasn’t required in previous versions (<7.7.x), just curios as to why the change? Additionally will previous versions crash if the added syntax is included (kibana_access: unrestricted)?

      - name: "::ADMIN::"
        kibana_access: unrestricted


It’s the new react panel that works slightly differently. The code behind it is completely new. I suppose it makes more sense to show the button even when no kibana access is specified. And we can see the “kibana_access: unrestricted” as a workaround.
@jan WDYT?

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Sure, sounds reasonable and easy to implement.
@sscarduzio let’s create a ticket and get it done :muscle:

RORDEV-351 created and added in current sprint because it’s very small. @jan I assigned it to you, but you can delegate it if you want.