New Features Ideas

[Enhancement] ROR Documentation, based on ROR and ELK version (1)
[DONE] New jwt_auth rule (7)
[SOLVED] Group definition: make auth_key optional (4)
[DONE] Chooose variables from http headers (5)
[DONE] Kibana_access: ro does not match 'short url' (2)
[DONE] Feature: Control what users to log/not log (9)
[DONE] Authentication via Proxy, Authorization via LDAP (5)
[DONE] External auth feature ( 2 ) (27)
Kibana Dashboard Import Export Feature (1)
Add in task api which user is running the task (1)
[DONE] Support @user variable in indices rule (enable document filtering) (4)
QOS per user: Throttling (rate limiting) (3)
[DONE] Store configuration in index (9)
[DONE] LDAP authentication (4)
Allow kibana readonly access to create short URLs (4)
[DONE] Adding Sha256 support for authentication (7)
Creating Category "Guide" in forum (2)